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A NEW Skincare Brand Worth Trying

Slow Ageing Essentials

Discover the Difference Collection

We had the pleasure of discovering the skincare brand Slow Ageing Essentials. Their philosophy is based on "increasing energy levels through the entire body by embracing a holistic approach to well-being. In order to look your best on the outside, you have to feel your best on the inside. Enhance its skin-boosting effects by following a lifestyle that incorporates self-care, a balanced, anti-oxidant rich diet – with lots of fresh water – regular gentle exercise and plenty of restful sleep. All of this will show on your skin; it will simply look better." Makes absolute sense to us, begin from within...

Not forgetting the most important part - it's all in the application. Taking time for one’s self to fully relax and just be. Their unique application techniques of applying the products comes in a handy booklet for you to refer to when applying each product - they are designed to massage the pressure points and meridian lines forming a lifting and rejuvenating facial massage as well as creating a daily guided meditation.

Not to mention the incredible formulas in their products. We were not disappointed with the results.

Our skin looked instantly healthier, radiant and somewhat plumper too. Their bespoke blends include skin boosting anti-oxidant essential oils and botanicals in the collection are meticulously sourced too, precisely formulated and stringently tested to reduce the effects of time on your skin and ensure it looks its very best. Each product works in synergy with the others in the collection and so best results are achieved when using the products in unison.

Our personal favourite is the Essential Facial Essence - an anti-oxidant powerhouse, blitzing collagen-zapping free radicals then turbocharging all subsequent skincare. Four delicately balanced, multi-active and luminosity-inducing essential oils plus elasticity-stimulating pure plant oil create an addictively silky texture that sinks in like a dream, renewing skin cells at their source. Your all-in-one radiance booster, this pure plant synergy in a bottle hydrates to downplay fine lines and leave skin seriously flexible!

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