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BMW X3 SUV, The Review

This August Bank Holiday, we decided to partner with BMW and @LuxeWerx for a lavish adventure to the sunny beachfront, Cornwall.

When reviewing and describing a BMW, usual terms of phrase pop up in your vocabulary. Words such as exhilarating, exciting and emotional flow onto the page, but there’s one word that kept coming to mind that perfectly sums this cool executive BMW X3 SUV.

And that word is functional!

Functional! Who would dare call a BMW functional and yes, I can hear Clarkson choking on his Amazon steak. Well, I’m a woman, so perhaps the cap fits! But trust me after spending a week in the city and a weekend in Cornwall; this car can effortless take on any terrain with equal aplomb.

But don’t confuse functional with banality as the X3 drives with real class, speed and comfort.

The 2.0-litre diesel is a very strong performer, and should you ever want to live out Top Gear fantasies this SUV will jump from 0-62mph in only 5.9 seconds, which is more than functional.

As I have mentioned, the drive is super smooth with enough power on tap should you need it. The X3 spins around tight bends with ease and the brakes are immense at low or high speeds.

All this provides you with a real sense of security and despite being a relatively large SUV, it feels and drives like a hatchback. The cabin is as cool as the exterior, with its thoughtful layout and first-rate finish. The interior is quite frankly gorgeous; the leather seats with all their modern alteration switches can be adjusted to suit all.

I loved the wraparound dashboard design and there are plenty of top-notch materials on hand. All the plastics are soft touches, the switchgear operates precisely and as you would expect from a BMW the fittings have that touch of class about them.

Or course being blonde and female, all I was really concerned about was the Sat Nav and media system. Well, I apologize to my liberated ladies, but that assumption would be correct.

All BMWs include the Media Package, and this means sat-nav is standard on the X3, but its display it anything but.

It’s very easy to pan, set up and follow and it helps enhance X3s premium feel.

As does the radio/media player, again easy to skip, jump and play and the depth and quality of the sound is on a different level to most. Moving to the rear, the boot has 550 litres of boot space available and that’s a big plus. You can fold the rear seats flat and luggage capacity increases to 1,600 litres making a very versatile SUV.

So, the BMW X3 SU has all the benefits and interior comforts of much higher priced prestige models. It drives superbly, nimble in the city, enjoyable on winding roads and smooth on motorways. And that to me says one thing, or perhaps one word: Functional!

Prices on the road from: £33,930-£46,045

Contract hire and Lease Deals from: £443.09-£620.62/month

For more info: https://www.bmw.co.uk/en/index.htm