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Candles That Actually Make Your Home Smell Good

Candles are an extremely sentimental gift and we feel these timeless waxes will always warm someone’s heart with happiness. Whether it’s to gift yourself, your friend or a loved one, we’re bringing two beautiful candles to your attention, that are bound to win you over. Especially with their distinctive qualities and appealing exteriors, they definitely stand out from the rest.

Kenneth Turner London has collaborated with leading British florist, Laura Lee, to create three luxury candle fragrances. Taking everything that is beautiful about a bouquet of freshly cut flowers then pouring it into a candle, Kenneth Turner’s Soiree candle - will bring the romance of luxurious scented flowers straight into any room they are lit. The beautifully crafted glass vases can also be used to hold flowers or tea lights after the wax has burned.

The elegant glass cup is the perfect center point to any dull looking surface. As soon as you walk into the room, you’ll not only notice the beautiful facade but the unveiling scents of sweet pea, rose and grape. Circulating with the earthier accents of moss and musk. This candle has a definite floral statement with subtle hints of crisp white linen and your perfect companion to your spring and summer months to come.


We were really intrigued to try the Woodwick candles. One of my close friends raves about how great they are, so we had to try! There’s something a little different about WoodWick, instead of the classic silent burning stem, they opted for a unique ‘wood wick’, which crackles as it burns. Sounds strange, but you’ll find this sound super relaxing, similar to a log fire burning. This is now our favourite candle because as soon as it’s lit, the crackling noise, will completely whisks you away, transforming any room to a soothing capsule of tranquility.

The candle that appears in our image is the WoodWick Large Candle in Fresh Flowers, the scent is a similar to the crisp freshness of blooming flowers with hints of invigorating grapefruit and subtle waves of wood.