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Fillerina, A Genuine Review

Now available in the UK the revolutionary at-home substitute to fillers or botox, Fillerina’s graded treatments will radically reduce fine lines and wrinkle depth in fourteen days. With laps of hyaluronic acid the two-step Filler Treatment uses the non-invasive needle to deliver just the right amount of firming gel directly along the crease of each dip – providing an instant filling and smoothing effect.

Fillerina is available in three ‘grades’ – 1 for fine lines, 2 for visible wrinkles and signs of sagging and 3 for deep set expression lines and loss of elasticity – you can mix and match to target specific areas of concern, before maintaining the anti-ageing benefits with the relevant Day, Night and Eye and Lip Treatment creams. With correct use, results should last for 2.5 – 3 months and it is recommended to repeat the 14-day treatment 3 – 4 times a year.

The verdict – Grade 2 As I approach the big three zero, I have started to notice those fine lines creeping in. Mostly around the eyes and mouth, obviously been smiling too much – must stop that. So I needn’t look any further really, Fillerina sounds like the perfect solution for those early signs of loss of elasticity and fine lines. I finished the Fillerina treatment yesterday and I have to say I’m so sad its over! I love it so much, I have never had a beauty treatment actually work so well for me, of course I’ve used endless serums, moisturisers, creams and supplements but this…it’s a whole other beauty game. By the first application my skin felt uplifted and firm, it wasn’t long before my friends and family were commenting on the freshness of my skin. It’s fantastic and I feel like I’m going to miss it A LOT, after the first week I noticed a smoother forehead, plumper lips and boosted cheeks! I really enjoy the surgery like application too. The non-invasive treatment comes with a needle-like application that gives excellent precision, I actually feel like I’m playing doctors and I’m the patient too! No really, two weeks later I’m a fresher, healthier me and I urge you to try before you go and invade your skin with the questionable Botox!

The verdict – Grade 3 No need to venture out the house Fillerina is my at home remedy for putting a halt to those occurring cracks and crevices. With years flying by and I’m left with a new wrinkle a month, I’ve decided to put a stop to these unhappy lines turning up as and when they please. Water has always been my number one priority when it comes to aging solutions; it’s a natural way to keep the skin free of toxins. Lucky for me using the Fillerina partnered with water is the best way to do it! After just three days my skin felt plump, smooth and somewhat ‘tightened’. As I finish up on the last application I have noticed the few lines on my forehead have softened and the lines around my eyes have I been filled. I feel like me and Fillerina are somewhat attached after the pleasing experience I’ve had over the past two weeks, I know I’ll be back using it again in a few months – I just love the way the application feels so surgical and professional! Why spend money on botox and fillers when you can spend a reasonable amount on this perfectly natural and comfortable at home top-up to younger looking skin.

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