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How to Achieve a Salon Hair at Home

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you’ll know we are always looking for that ‘salon blow dry finish’ without a visit from your hairdresser. I’ve tried various ways of drying my hair with all different types of brushes, products and tools. But I finally feel I have found what works. I have quite fine hair so I often use a volumising, thickening shampoo and then a damage controlling conditioner for my dry ends. Once the hair is washed, I give it quick blast of heat and once the hair is dry I spray a little setting lotion on the ends – this really helps to keep the waves/curls in tact. Then I move onto this wondrous tool that has changed my hair for the better.

The BaByliss Curl Pods have been uniquely designed to create long-lasting salon soft curls. The pop-up design eliminates the need for any clips or pins for faster styling and secure hold. The all-in-one heated pod design is an easy way to secure hair styling. The whole set offers 18 large-size pods to create soft curls, ultra-fast heat up for quick use, high heat performance for longer lasting curls with a flawless finish and it’s much easier to use than conventional rollers, simply wrap the hair around the barrel and snap the curl pod together.

Pull open the pods and unveil a beautiful ringlet, you can either brush out for a deep wave of pull your fingers through for a loose, tousled finish. Either way, you’re ready to go in under an hour and your hair looks and feels perfect!

Quick Tips:

Ensure the hair is dry and combed through to remove any tangles before styling.

Take a section of hair around 2 inches wide. If you have thicker hair, take smaller sections.

Start by winding the ends of the hair around the heated barrel and then towards the top of the head.

For a modern style, only wind the pod up to eye level so the curls start lower down. For a more voluminous style, wind the pod right to the root. Close together once you have reached ideal position.

Allow the pods to cool completely before removing. This allows the hair to cool and set the curl for lasting effect.