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Las Iguanas, Milton Keynes

It’s lively, it’s fresh and it’s the best place downtown for cocktails, music and delicious food, it is Las Iguanas in Milton Keynes. Think Brazilian, think Mexican and a mouth-watering concoction of native Latin American Indian, Spanish, Portuguese and African influences, basically just think bold flavours and zingy cocktails and you’ve got the restaurant in one. The restaurant holds a lot of character, the bright colours and appetite warming smells upon arrival will have you a table and chair underneath you in no time.

All of the staff were welcoming and radiated a friendly impression. Once we sat down to our table we of course ordered some cocktails…well it was happy hour come on! The dark and stormy was my favourite, I love dark rum so it can’t of gone wrong – it just got better! The Dark and Stormy consisted of Goslings rum & lime topped with fiery ginger beer, delightful. `

We started with nachos and of course our only regret was “I should’ve ordered more”, but to then only spoil our main. They were crunchy, cheesy and creamy, they’re a personal favourite. For mains I decided to have the XinXim, strange name but what a fantastic dish. The fascinating dish includes a fusion between the cuisines of the Portuguese, Africans and native Latin American Indians. Exotic, creamy and of course very satisfying. Lime chicken in a crayfish & peanut sauce with spring onion, garlic & coriander rice & fine green beans. Toasted coconut farofa to sprinkle and sweet plantains. The plantain was amazing, like nothing I’ve ever tasted, a sweet flavor and firm texture.

Moving on to desert, of course. Cinnamon-sugar dusted churros with dips for dunking. We had Six, yes six churros to dunk into both chocolate ganache & dulce de leche, which by the way is the most tastiest sauce I’ve ever come across. Kind a mix of caramel, butterscotch and toffee but its not as sweet as that sounds, its very scrumptious.

Las Iguanas is a tropical fresh food adventure. You will definitely discover new tastes, and fall in love with new dishes – especially ones that you may of thought you wouldn’t enjoy! Give it a go and book your table here: http://www.iguanas.co.uk