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Let The Eyes Have It!

Squinting season is upon us, the sun will eventually come out and we will need these eye creams at the ready, to protect and repair damage from the environment. These pick of the best help to de-puff, brighten and dissolve fine lines and wrinkles, ready for the summer sun to coming our way...

The Bodyshop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask, £12

This Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask is specifically formulated to care for blemishes and imperfections while you sleep. Infused with salicylic acid and Community Trade tea tree oil, this leave-on mask helps reduce the size and number of imperfections*. Wake up to clearer looking skin that feels refreshed, purified and soothed.

Sanctuary Spa Power Peptide Awakening Eye Serum, £12.35

Restore the youthful sparkle to tired eyes with a rejuvenating serum containing Hyaluronic Acid and other powerful ingredients.

VOYA Awakening Eye Mask, £39

This ultra-soothing eye mask is formulated specifically for the delicate eye area. Enriched with Sea Heather which helps to strengthen & protect, whilst reducing inflammation, while extracts of Green tea, Camomile and Pomegranate work in harmony to soothe, hydrate and support the eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines. The ultimate treatment for even the most sensitive of eyes.

BioEFFECT EGF Eye Serum, £68

This powerful, revitalizing anti-ageing formula is specifically developed to target the delicate eye area. The refreshing, gel-like formulation immediately rebalances moisture levels leaving the skin looking radiant and firm, while providing long term, anti-ageing effect, thanks to the proven cellular activators inside.

!QMSMedicosmetics Advanced Intensive Eye Care, £103

With its multi-action formulation featuring natural firming extracts and intensely moisturizing ingredients, Advanced Intensive Eye Care provides targeted treatment to the delicate skin of the eye zone. Its rich, nurturing texture is both gentle and highly effective in helping to reduce fine lines, dark lines and puffiness.

They may not be for the eyes but these super lifting, firming and nightly hydrating formulas will marry well with any eye cream selected above. Complete your full skin routine with:

Sanctuary Spa Overnight Face & Neck Crème, £12

Infused with pure essential oils & effective natural ingredients, this rejuvenating creme gives an instant boost of moisture to help your skin repair whilst you sleep. Wake up to a renewed youthful glow & skin that feels plumper & firmer.

VOYA My Little Hero Facial Serum, £54

This iconic nourishing facial serum is packed with antioxidants, offering nourishment to improve radiance and brighten dull skin. The ultimate skin booster treatment and a little hero for the most troublesome of skin!