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Masking for Radiance

It'S SKIN - Power 10 Formula Sheet Masks

Microfiber sheets are drenched in the bestselling, high-powered ingredients that make up the Power 10 series for targeted treatment of skin problems such as darkening, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dryness and more. Our favourite is Gf for hydrating and soothing in an instant!

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

An innovative waterless formula infused with the brand's signature '5-skin solution'. A beauty essential, it hydrates, tightens and brightens skin for a smoother, more radiant complexion. Slip the mask over your ears, adjusting the slits on each side to find your perfect fit. Activate the formula by lightly massaging the surface of the mask and leave it on for 15 minutes, then remove and allow the remaining dry formula to be absorbed into skin. Do not rinse and refold mask with the formula side facing inward and place it back into the hygienic pouch to be used up to 3 more times.

Kiehl’s Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask

Treat your skin to intense, dewy hydration with this luxurious oil-infused sheet mask. Formulated with cold-pressed Amazonian oils, this thirst-quenching treatment helps skin feel smooth and softened. The advanced, 2-piece biocellulose-embedded hydrogel mask is designed to comfortably adhere to all face shape - enabling everyone to indulge in rejuvenating hydration for skin that looks radiant and glowy.

Glamglow Supermud Mask

Treat your skin to this advanced clearing treatment that works to combat common skin concerns, including blemishes, breakouts and uneven texture. Fortified with Activated-X Charcoal, the mud mask effectively draws out dirt and toxins from deep within the pores to reveal a radiant, clarified complexion. Helps to minimise the appearance of visible pores, whilst delivering mattifying properties to eliminate oiliness and unwanted shine. Skin feels renewed and refined with restored vitality.

Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalizing Face Mask

A concentrated treatment sheet mask that encourages skin’s natural recovery function and infuses skin with hydrating moisture to help improve texture. Youthful suppleness and radiance are dramatically improved with a single application. With Pure Liquid Retinol Delivery system to help combat wrinkles, dryness, and dullness

Masque B.A.R Green TeaSheet Mask

Helps minimise the appearance of dark spots and various pigmentation irregularities for a more even complexion. These facial sheets are effective on all skin tones, leaving skin looking more radiant and super fresh faced.

Bioeffect EGF Serum

Rediscover your skin's youthful capacity with this wonderful serum, a ground-breaking anti-ageing treatment that delivers significant, visibly noticeable results. Utilising a plant-based replica of EGF (a naturally occurring human protein), the unique serum effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores while improving radiance.