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Thai Square Spa Review

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, if you haven't booked yourself in anywhere to get pampered for the special day, we're here to drop in some inspiration. Whether you need some time to yourself to feel whole again or you're thinking of treating a loved one, friend or family member, then read on for the full introduction to the destination of complete calmness and utter relaxation.

The Thai Square Spa is a place where emails, people and thoughts dissolve. Once you glide through the doors of this spa, you'll find the atmosphere has already dipped you in tranquility. The music twinkles in the background and the candlelight warms your mind, body and soul.

The Thai Square Spa offers a range of enmities not too be missed. The Salt Therapy Room elevates moments of peace, breathing becomes effortless and any unwanted tension melts away. The Zen spa opens into a room of dim lighting and trickling water, you'll find a beautiful step in Jacuzzi with a steam room and Sauna.

The Thai Square Spa has a variety of treatments that help clear any unwelcoming stresses and soothe any aches or pains. We indulged in a So Sen Uplifting Jasmine Massage, a powerful blend of the finest Thai Jasmine flower extract that has an instant energising and restorative effect. Thai Rice Bran, Sweet Almond and Safflower oils are deeply hydrating, while added Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants. The full body treatment involves soothing the skin with oils, stretching and rolling knots out of the skin and when I say full body I mean it: front, back, hands, toes, head and scalp! It was incredibly relaxing and it’s the best massage we’ve ever had. It was 60 minutes of genuine peace and enjoyment.

It’s a great way to find inner peace, book yourself in here: http://thaisquarespa.com/