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The Best Hotel to Stay in London, The Langham Hotel

Over the weekend we experienced the most comfiest, glamorous and magnificent voyage of all time. We stayed in the most beautiful hotel in London, you’ve guessed it… it’s The Langham.

Let us fill you in on the wonderful stay we had with The Langham and give you the full low down, from start to finish, of the grand iconic and historic building.

When approaching The Langham, you’ll notice the remarkable tall building that rules the back streets of Oxford Circus. Its architectural presence is tremendously domineering to its neighbours nearby. It’s not only the one of the best hotels in London but it also offers a range of chic activities as well. We sauntered inside the suave building to find that luxury exterior mirrored on the inside too, you’ll notice the marble floors, huge carved crystal white pillars, tall ceilings and the glimmering chandeliers as they twinkle into your eyes! Before you know it, you’ve been captured into a realm of superfluity.

The place resonates indulgence and we were delighted to jump right in. The Langham, London offers the ultimate London experience. With Oxford St at your feet, shopping is the first reachable activity in mind. Not only does this hotel boast a fantastic location, but the structure has 380 stylishly appointed rooms that cleverly combine Victorian charm with discreet modern amenities. 344
Spacious guest rooms,
Apartments with a kitchen
 Private Suites in total. With rooms from £500 a night, it’s a luxury necessity that must be experienced by a local Londoner or a worldwide visitor; the residence is a must see icon of London.

It’s renowned for it’s luxury Afternoon Tea that puts us tea lovers in a new dimension, this place will take you into a capsule of calming hot beverages, extraordinary sweet treats and a place to fully recharge. You can find this experience in the Palm Court or if you decide to stay the night, we’d recommend opting in for the ‘Langham Club Lounge’. Spread across two floors, the Langham Club redefines the ‘club concept’ with the ultimate in exclusivity, modern conveniences and tremendously attentive service.

The Langham is the only 5 star property in London to feature this new Club concept offering an exclusive home away from home residence with tempting food created in collaboration with celebrity chefs Albert Roux OBE and Michel Roux Jr. The food was absolutely phenomenal; each course (breakfast, afternoon snacks and evening canapés) presented us with a new tasting experience. Our taste buds were having a party and the effort that goes into each sandwich, cake, biscuit and even the tealeaves were astonishing. At £72.00 an adult you can’t go wrong, you’ll be presented with a continental and hot breakfast selection each morning, a sampling of afternoon tea, fine Champagne or cocktails throughout the day and complemented by evening canapés.

I’m not surprised if you’re already booking your stay after the descriptive latter but there is in fact more…you can enjoy world-class facilities to restore your body and spirit, a workout at the state-of-the-art Chuan Health Club or indulge in pampering treatments at the luxury wellness sanctuary, Chuan Spa. It’s the perfect way to unwind and relax after a long day or week.

Take a lavish break and feel at ease with the best service, comfiest beds, exquisite foods and every other wonderful activity The Langham has to offer, you can book here: http://www.langhamhotels.com/