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The Rosewood, Art Afternoon Tea

We recently experienced one of the most outstanding Afternoon tea’s in London…

The Rosewood London has introduced a new afternoon tea inspired by five famous artists: Yayoi Kusama, Alexander Calder, Mark Rothko, Damien Hirst and Banksy. As creatives ourselves we were tremendously excited to experience this unique journey in the exclusively renowned, Mirror Room.

When approaching The Rosewood, you’ll notice the broad historic building that governs the neighborhood of Holborn. Its architectural presence is extremely domineering to its fellow structures nearby. It’s not only the one of the best hotels in London but it also offers a royal Afternoon Tea too. We walked inside the mirror room to find that luxury exterior echoed on the inside and oh it will swoop you up before you know it - marble textures, reflective ceilings, mosaic glimmering floors and rose gold patterns that will have you filling up your instagram feed in seconds.

You automatically feel accustomed to the lifestyle that they have arranged for you, walking into the lounge, there’s dark plush cushioned corners, dainty glassware and cutlery and the perfect mix of the classic British heritage with a modern clean edge. The staff were absolutely magnificent, extremely welcoming and friendly. We felt so at home and so comfortable, your body just sinks into the seat without hesitation, and with the subtle music playing, champagne flowing - how could you not be whisked away by this elite lifestyle? This place is a real treat and the perfect environment for any celebration.

The food was undeniably outstanding; each ‘tea’ course was a new tasting experience. Our taste buds were having a party and the effort that goes into each sandwich, cake, biscuit and even the tealeaves is astonishing. Each sample has a story and the waiter is fully equipped with this knowledge to tell you all about it. The place just sings indulgence and we were happy to jump right in to it. The savory presentation included some of the best sandwiches in London and featured the likes of Maldon smoked salmon with cream cheese and lemon, Ham and Comté, coronation chicken, avocado and tomato and egg mayonnaise. The flavours were delicate and extremely satisfying. The scones were warm, plump and baked with love.

The final course of sweet treats were incredibly tasty and intricately decorated -each one had a purpose – the waiter kindly explains the ritual in eating these pockets of goodness - they complement each other and balance your palette ready for the next. They were created by the executive pastry chef Mark Perkins, and our favourite, a chocolate cube filled with vanilla cream choux and salted caramel with a girl holding a balloon on the outside by Banksy and a Damien Hirst polka dot Cassis jelly with yuzu curd – yum!

The whole experience at The Rosewood was just incredible, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or a Sunday afternoon I recommend you experience it for yourselves – you wont be disappointed.