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Whittlebury Hall Afternoon Tea

As winter draws in closer and we find ourselves cozying up with comforting food and hot cups of tea, it’s now even becoming difficult to get out of bed let alone plan something outside of your blanket for the weekend, but luckily there is such a thing as Afternoon Tea. It’s not quite yet freezing outside, in fact this weekend was rather sunny so we ventured down to Whittlebury Hall for some much loved, afternoon tea. Not just any regular afternoon tea, it was CHOCOLATE afternoon tea, we shall digress.

Set in rural Northamptonshire, the award-winning Whittlebury Hall and Spa offers one of the largest day spas in the country. It also boasts 2 AA Rosette restaurants and a state-of-the-art gymnasium. The elegantly decorated rooms provide free WiFi access and a host of modern comforts. Guests can enjoy complimentary use of the extensive leisure club facilities.

Once arriving at the beautiful premises, we were taken back by the large manor-like building and heaps of green grass and of course fresh air – something we don’t have in London very much! We were happy to be there and the welcoming staff were to be happy to have us. The tearoom consisted of large deep comfy sofas with lovely colour schemes running through the room, flashes of lime and grey. Once seated, you’ll immediately feel relaxed and somehow at ease from any day to day stresses, they have big open windows where you can immerse yourself in the hills of greenery.

The tea arrived and English breakfast was our first choice, it was presented in an antique teapot with loose leafs flowing around inside. The sweet treats arrived and we had an array of Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel Brownie, White Chocolate & Pistachio Cone, Chocolate & Orange Madeleine, Milk Chocolate & Raspberry Tart, and Warm Home Baked Chocolate Chip Scones, Raspberry Preserve, Clotted Cream, Cucumber, Ham and Mustard and Smoked Salmon Finger Sandwiches.

Of course I just relived my experience whilst typing that so forgive me as I wipe the corners of my salivating mouth. The collection of satisfying delights were super scrummy, I especially enjoyed the brownie – it was thick, sticky and ooh melted in my mouth, of course I saved this till last as it really tipped me off the edge by how full at the end of it.

Overall the afternoon of sugary luxuries was the perfect spot for a relaxing weekend and if you fancy it, I’ve heard they have a fantastic spa that we’re yet to try! Book yourself in here: http://www.whittleburyhall.co.uk