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Why You Should Try Byron Burgers

You may not already know, but we are huge burger fans and living in London, you of course have plenty of options to satisfy your burger needs, but we’ve recently come across one that is definitely worth writing about…Byron Burgers.

All of the words bouncing around in your mind that are usually conveyed during a chomp on a great burger, come completely to life in this experience, you’ll find it hard to keep your mouth from moistening and expressing the out-loud ‘mms’ and ‘oohs’. If you haven’t been already, you must give your local Byron a whirl.

Byron keep things very simple but of course, extremely tasty…they take four cuts of properly sourced British beef, mince it fresh and cook it medium so it’s pink, juicy and succulent. They cleverly place it in a soft, squishy and shiny bun with minimum fuss and best of all, serve it with a smile in a comfortable environment. A comfortable environment is definitely key, when you’ve eaten a burger that has got you weak at the knees, you probably want sit back and adjust your belt a little. Byron provides a causal, chatty atmosphere that is welcoming, clean and cheerful.

Their menu is superb, you’ll be completely blow away with the different flavours, toppings and extras you can get in your burger. They’re tremendously tender and luscious and overly satisfying. They also have some great starters and sides to partner with your yummy burger too – Nachos, macaroni cheese, sweet potato chips, skin on fries, onion rings, coleslaw, chicken wings… I’m glad you can’t hear my deep breathing because you’d think there was something wrong, but actually it’s just the excitement in writing these mouth-watering trimmings.

Byron has also launched a new burger called - Bunzilla, the Japanese-inspired special. Inspired by their head chef Fred's recent trip to Japan, Bunzilla is a 6oz soy-glazed patty, topped with miso-roasted bacon and an onion ring for crunch and sweetness, plus a dab of wasabi mayonnaise, all atop a bed of shredded white cabbage, served in a classic squishy bun. You must also try their newest limited-edition milkshake: Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, it’s creamy, thick and really hits the spot, especially if you’re a sweet tooth.


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